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Designs by Debi Handmade Jewelry Memorial Bracelets

Having the creative ability to design special jewelry that holds deep meaning for the recipient is a gift I am truly grateful for.

Jewelry is a means of expression and it can be a powerful source of comfort to you, especially after a devastating loss.

I offer Memorial Jewelry in different designs because the more specifically relevant the jewelry design is to you, the stronger the personal connection and the more comfort it can bring you.

The photos below and in the Memorial Bracelets Gallery are examples. You can choose one of these designs and customize it or we can start from scratch and design something specifically relevant to your situation incorporating elements meaningful to you...birthstones, awareness colors and ribbons, flags, charms, message beads, picture frames... The possibilities are endless.

These Memorial Bracelets give you not only a physical memorial to your loved one, but a way to surround yourself with happy memories of the time you shared and carry them with you every day.

I'd be honored to create a special one for you!

Keepsake Bracelet In Memory of a Loved One

Designs by Debi Handmade Jewelry Keepsake Bracelet In Memory of a Loved One

The Keepsake Bracelet can be a treasured memorial to a lost loved one. It comes in 12 styles and 90 bead combinations and has endless possibilities for customization. You select the beads, Swarovski crystal colors, clasp and charms to personalize your bracelet and make it truly special.

You can find the Personalized Keepsake Bracelets here.

'In Memory' Support Your Soldier Bracelet™

Designs by Debi Handmade Jewelry In Memory Support Your Soldier Bracelet™ Style #1

Designs by Debi Handmade Jewelry In Memory Support Your Soldier Bracelet Style #2

The Memorial Soldier Bracelet is a unique and meaningful way to honor a fallen soldier and his/her service and sacrifice. It comes in 2 designs with many style options including ribbon charms, branch of service charms and In Memory dangle charm that can be added.

You can find the Support Your Soldier Bracelets™ here.

Designs by Debi Handmade Jewelry In Memory Charm Dangle

Remember 9/11 Memorial Bracelet™

Designs by Debi Handmade Jewelry Remember 9/11 Memorial Bracelet™ Persoanlized Style

Designs by Debi Handmade Jewelry Remember 9/11 Memorial Bracelet™ Non-Personalized Style

If you lost a loved one in the 9/11 tragedy or just want to be sure we never forget those lost that day and the families they left behind, the Remember 9/11 Memorial Bracelets are the perfect way to do so. They are a heartfelt tribute to those who died that day. They come in personalized and
non-personalized designs with many customization options.

You can find the Remember 9/11 Memorial Bracelets™ here.

'In Memory' Awareness Bracelet

Designs by Debi Handmade Jewelry In Memory Awareness Bracelet

If you’ve lost a loved one to disease, you can honor their memory and raise awareness about the disease by wearing an Awareness Bracelet in the color that represents it. You have many style options and can even have an In Memory dangle charm added. Another alternative is to order a Memorial Keepsake Bracelet and opt for the awareness color crystals instead of your loved one’s birthstone.

You can find the Awareness Bracelets here.

Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial Bracelet™

Designs by Debi Handmade Jewelry Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial Bracelet™ Style #1


Designs by Debi Handmade Jewelry Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial Bracelet™ Style #2 for Horses


Designs by Debi Handmade Jewelry Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial Bracelet™ Style #2To many of us pets are family and they bring great joy into our lives. And when we lose a beloved pet it hurts...often just as much as losing a human friend or family member.
The Pet Memorial Bracelet is a great way to carry your love for your pet and happy memories of them with you every day to bring you comfort.
It comes in 2 different designs with many style options. And with the vast selection of charms available, these bracelets can be customized for any kind of pet.

You can find the Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial Bracelets™ here.

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