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Designs by Debi is deeply committed to philanthropic activities and provides material and financial support to many charitable organizations.

I want to be a Philanthropist. That is my ultimate goal in life. I've long been working toward that goal in my personal life and, now that I'm a business owner, it has become part of the mission of my company.

Jewelry for Charity Program

One of the first things I did once I got my website online was to start my Jewelry for Charity Program. A Designs by Debi Jewelry for Charity Collectible Piece is made every month and 50% of the proceeds raised from the piece is donated to a selected charity.

These are one-of-a-kind pieces usually involving intricate design work. I choose the charity before designing the piece because whenever possible I incorporate something significant to the charity in the design. For example, if the charity is represented by a particular color, the jewelry will be primarily that color. If there are other elements that can be incorporated, I make every effort... as with the "65 Roses for Cystic Fibrosis" bracelet. Not only was it done in a purple color scheme, but I also made sure to include 65 roses within the various components I used to make it.

You'll find information about the charity included in the description so you always know which charity you're supporting before you make your purchase.

You can find out more about the Jewelry for Charity Program here.

Jewelry e~Parties for Charity

Designs by Debi also offers the option of hosting Online Jewelry Parties to benefit a charity. They work exactly the same way as a regular e-Party except that the hostess' earnings are dontated to the charity the party is being held for. The donation is a monetary donation sent with a letter from Designs by Debi and made on behalf of the person who hosted the party.

Material Donations

Designs by Debi regularly donates finished jewelry pieces to be raffled at events raising money for worthy causes.

Additional Monetary Donations

And now it's time to implement the fourth phase of philanthropy. Additional monetary donations will be made from a portion of each sale of designated items. They'll be small to start, but every journey begins with the first (baby) step.

A portion of the proceeds from Support Your Soldier Bracelets™ will be donated to Soldiers' Angels.

A portion of the proceeds from Remember 9/11 Memorial Bracelets™ will be donated to the Twin Towers Orphan Fund to help children who lost one or both parents on September 11th.

A portion of the proceeds from Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial Bracelets™ will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society.

A portion of the proceeds from Awareness Bracelets will be donated as well. Designs by Debi sells bracelets for every conceivable cause. As sales increase, it will be possible to donate to a charity representing each cause a bracelet is purchased for. But until sales volume grows to that level, they'll probably need to be combined. So.......

A portion of the proceeds from the Yellow Military Support Awareness Bracelets will be added to the Soldiers' Angels donation.

A portion of each sale of an Awareness Bracelet for a cause related to children will be donated to St Jude Children's Research Hospital.

A portion of each sale of an Awareness Bracelet related to Cancer will be donated to Stand Up To Cancer.

For the rest, I will do my best to donate to a cause specific to each bracelet purchased. When the resulting amount makes it unreasonable, it will be added to the Stand Up To Cancer donation.

Thank You!!

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